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Series are multiple stories that go together; the order they are listed in on the tables of contents and directory pages are their chronological orders within the universe, not the order they were written or posted in. A tilde (~) denotes an original fiction series, while an abbreviation such as HP denotes a fanfiction series.

Suitengu Chouji

Suitengu Choji

sources: Speed Grapher anime created by Gonzo (not adapted from a manga)




Suitengu with Blood Wings and Scars


Suitengu Illustration

Suitengu Chouji (This is not his real name. His real name is only said in the third to last episode, but he took this one on the spur of the moment from a sword that Niihara gave him.)
His real name is Ueno Takeshi, apparently son of the former owner of the Ueno group, a predecessor to the Tennozu group.

[continued after the break]

Species, Race, Nationality:

28 (He was twenty years old on his final mission in the war, which Saiga mentioned was eight years ago.)

_ – =*= – _

None living. His parents killed themselves or were killed when he was thirteen, and his little sister, Yui, was sold into prostitution; he killed her when he found her and what she had become, to put her out of her misery.

Friends and associates:
Niihara Ginji, Tsujidou, and Makabe are his loyal henchmen, Tsujidou in particular. He feigned love for Tennozu Shinsen for several years, and seems to see Tennozu Kagura as a replacement for his little sister, protective and possessive of her despite using her as he does.

His actual title isn’t stated, but he is the power behind the Tennozu group, a crime boss, and the leader of the secret Roppongi club.

_ – =*= – _

White and long, worn tied back in a loose ponytail. It was originally black, but it turned white after the advent of his powers, likely as some result of a loss of cell function, just as with his eyes.

Grey or blue. He usually wears glasses, except for directly after his cell regeneration treatments, which indicates that his deteriorating vision is a result of cell degeneration caused by his powers.

Tall, though not unnaturally so.

Medium. He does not look particularly imposing, if one ignores his attitude.

He usually wears a suit and a long overcoat, and almost always wears gloves.

Suitengu is covered in scars, although they usually aren’t visible. His left hand has an eye-shaped birthmark that he uses his gloves to hide, unless he is going to use his power.

When he uses his powers, all of his scars become visible and begin to bleed. He usually grows wings of blood that he can use to fly. Originally they appear to be feathery ‘angel’ type wings, but in the last episode they appear as batlike wings.

_ – =*= – _

He is obviously very intelligent, but also very obsessive. He formulated his incredibly long-term and complex plan to destroy everyone he felt deserved it and manipulated the most powerful men and women in the country for years.

His fetish is blood – specifically, it seems, his own blood. Aside from that, he enjoys punishing the people he feels deserve it. The things he treasures include the music box from his sister’s doll and, in a twisted way, Tennozu Kagura.

Money, first and foremost, and the people who covet and worship it. He hates money, and greedy people, and the society that puts degenerate greedy people in power.

Goals, Desires:
The destruction of the Japanese, at least, if not worldwide, economy and all the greedy, despicable people who thrive on it.

Usually false. He pretends to be subservient, dramatic, and evil most of the time. He treats the haughty people in his club very much as though he is but their humble servant, facilitating their desires, and Tennozu Shinsen much like his mistress, even giving her his life to do with as she pleases.

In reality, he is very calculating. His dramatic displays are calculated to get the response he wants, his humility keeps those he manipulates complacent, and his evilness is a coldheartedness cultivated so that he can see his plan come to fruition.

He is very smart, very passionate in his hatred of money and love for his sister, and also not entirely sane (if that weren’t obvious). He lost hope when he found his sister, and killed her instead of rescuing her. His plan to destroy the economy, while masterfully designed and faithfully executed, is also not sane. His levels of obsession are enormous: the obsession with destroying the evil people and economy take over his life, and his obsession with his sister is such that he sees her in Kagura, and he kept the real Yui’s ashes and in the third to last episode eats them, saying that they will be together from then until his death.

He obviously has a very soft spot for all four of his henchmen, as he told them to leave before his final stand so that they would not share his fate; he was obviously touched when Tsujidou and Makabe came back to die with him.

He also openly claimed to Saiga that he had no right to be alive; he had died on that battlefield and was only alive now because of the greedy of those in power who could not lose their research, and he had had to suffer the pain of his life because of them – yet another reason for his revenge.

_ – =*= – _

His greatest strength is his power itself; it is an almost infinitely useful power, saving him from bullets, explosions, and euphoric power. Second only to that is his quick and calculating mind.

His body is weak; every time he uses his powers, he puts more strain on the degenerating cells, and that would eventually kill him. He is also obsessive, not entirely sane, and gets very angry when things go not according ot his plan.

Powers, Abilities, Talents:
Suitengu has the ability to control his own blood in just about any way. He uses it to form shields, projectiles, and blades when he needs to, creates wings that allow him to fly, and can control it even when it’s inside another person. (In this way, he invisibly and mercifully executed his sister.) In one case he made the blood into the form of a person that protected him, apparently just because he could, or perhaps because his mind was on his sister.

As a secondary power common to all Euphorics, he heals himself quickly; he can be shot multiple times with no ill effect, for instance, and the blood released then becomes his weapon.

_ – =*= – _

As a child, Suitengu lived with wealthy parents and his little sister, Yui, who was only five. One morning when he was thirteen, he found his parents hanging, either by suicide or murder. He was informed that his father had run up a lot of debt, and that it was now his responsibility. His sister was taken away, dropping her doll in the process; he was able to save the music box from inside it before he was knocked out.

He was given to a sadist and tortured until he was delivered along with a group of other boys to the army to which they had been sold. They were expected to repay the money they had been bought for with the deaths of enemy soldiers and told that was the only way they would ever get out.

He spent seven years in the army, and was the only child-soldier to survive from his original group. His last mission before he would have earned his freedom was to invade an island where a secret research base was going to be destroyed. In the chaos, he was exposed to the virus that the base had been researching, but maimed and almost destroyed. The scientists rescued him and reconstructed his body from the bodies of the other soldiers, and the left arm of the original developer of the virus. (The virus is a two-part mechanism, both harmless on their own, and the arm was likely the carrier of the second part which activated the first, thus activating the Euphoric healing abilities, which would have allowed him to survive the massive injuries and traumatic surgeries. This is, however, speculation on why the use of the arm was so necessary.)

The new base was raided eventually and the scientists wiped out; he killed all of the invading soldiers and escaped, discovering in the process his new power to control his blood.

Back in Japan, his hair having turned white and grown long again, he walked into a gang’s headquarters and took over through the expedient method of killing them all, rescuing Makabe and Tsujidou in the process and taking the name Suitengu from the sword Niihara had given him. After expanding his power base, he tracked down his sister and, in despair over what she had become, he killed her, and set his sights on revenge.

He eventually approached Tenozu Shinsen and offered to make her group the most powerful economic force in the country, if not the world. Convinced either by his charismatic delivery or the hand that was up her kimono, she agreed and employed him, at the same time putting him in charge of her daughter Kagura.

With Shinsen’s knowledge, blessing, and capital, Suitengu created the Roppongi club to exploit the taboo fetishes and desires of the richest and most powerful people in the country. It eventually grew to include almost everyone of any note in the country.

He was getting close to the final realization of his plan when a photographer named Saiga infiltrated the club and was accidentally turned into a Euphoric, a person who gains special powers according to their fetish. There ensued a struggle for Kagura, with the girl changing hands several times. In the mean time he planned to marry Shinsen to inherit the power of the Tennozu group, but was found out and killed her. He legally married Kagura instead, and though she was rescued again he had the group under his control.

After killing an official in a fit of rage, he found that his cells would not stand another regeneration treatment, and the end of his plan was near. He set the rest of it in motion – almost every product on the market had the addictive Goddess Drops in them, to lower people’s inhibitions, the Tennozu group was the largest financial entity in the country, and every member of the government and society elite was in the club. After killing the Prime Minister, the same man who had sold him and his sister into slavery, he took Kagura again and retreated to the money-filled Tennozu-biulding.

He released his followers from their duties, but Tsujidou and Makabe chose to stay. They went to defend the building against Saiga and the cop Ginza when they came for Kagura, but both were fatally wounded. Ginza escaped with Kagura; at the end of their fight, Suitengu took Saiga to safety and went back to the burning building. His body was failing, but Tsujidou helped him with the last of his strength and he was able to set off the explosives that would burn everyone trapped in the club alive and destroy the building and all of the money inside, ultimately bankrupting Japan and making the world economy collapse, finally dying in the process.


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