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Series are multiple stories that go together; the order they are listed in on the tables of contents and directory pages are their chronological orders within the universe, not the order they were written or posted in. A tilde (~) denotes an original fiction series, while an abbreviation such as HP denotes a fanfiction series.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfiction: Loss

SERIES: Yu-Gi-Oh! – PAIRING: Pegasus/Cynthia

GENRE: angst – RATED: PG – WARNINGS: none – WORDS: ~800

SUMMARY: Pegasus loses what he thought he didn’t even have left.


YGO Fanfiction: Girls Against Boys


GENRE: romance – RATED: G – WARNINGS: none – WORDS: 100

SUMMARY: Mai likes toying with Jou


735 Writing Prompts

After the jump is a list of 735 writing prompts that I started trying to complete. I’ve chosen to write fanfiction, mostly anime, with some Harry Potter thrown in.

There are links to the fics – some of which are adult, most of which are yaoi, with some non-explicit het and no-pairing drama in there.


Harry Potter Fanfiction: Narcissim

SERIES: Harry Potter – PAIRING: Narcissa/Draco

GENRE: angst – RATED: hard R/X – WARNINGS: incest, minor, non-consensual, child abuse – WORDS: 1857

SUMMARY: A mother’s love for herself will hurt the one she’s supposed to hold dear.


Inuyasha Fanfiction: These Things I Know

SERIES: Inuyasha – PAIRING: Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha/Kagome

GENRE: Angst/Romance – RATED: G – WARNINGS: none – WORDS: 977

SUMMARY: Kagome has returned and taken Inuyasha away from Sesshoumaru… Sesshou POV


Inuyasha Fanfiction: The Stranger In My Heart

SERIES: Inuyasha – PAIRING: would-be Rin/Sesshoumaru

GENRE: Angst – RATED: PG – WARNINGS: none – WORDS: 1607

SUMMARY: Sesshoumaru has to answer the hardest question that’s ever been put to him… “Will you take me as your wife now?”


Inuyasha Fanfiction: Freedom Dance

SERIES: Inuyasha – PAIRING: possible Sesshoumaru x Kagura

GENRE: Fluff – RATED: G – WARNINGS: none – WORDS: 155

SUMMARY: Sesshoumaru watches the wind in its dance.


Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction: Love

SERIES: YGO – PAIRING: whoever you want ;)

GENRE: romance – RATED: G – WARNINGS: none – WORDS: 147

SUMMARY: It shouldn’t be love, but…