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Series are multiple stories that go together; the order they are listed in on the tables of contents and directory pages are their chronological orders within the universe, not the order they were written or posted in. A tilde (~) denotes an original fiction series, while an abbreviation such as HP denotes a fanfiction series.

Jigen Bakudan: Extended Universe

This is the extended author’s note/possible discussion for “Jigen Bakudan”. [Which I haven’t posted on here for some reason.] […]

Home Wrecker 5/5

SERIES: Inuyasha – PAIRING: Inu no Taishou/Sesshoumaru – GENRE: Angst – RATED: R. […]

Home Wrecker 4/5

Home Wrecker Note: Wait! Before you read this chapter, go read this side-story. Home Bound […]

Home Wrecker 3/5

Home Wrecker […]

Pegasus Guro Scenes

Seto ran his hand down the soft side of his toy, admiring the gentle curve of the small false breasts and the thin waist, following the curve of his hip. One might almost think he really was a woman… The single brown eye watched him brightly, all but mindlessly, and he smiled and ran his […] […]

Home Wrecker 2/5

Home Wrecker […]

Sacrifice 2/?

TITLE: Sacrifice CHAPTER: 2/? AUTHOR: Lythande ( setosgirl0 / neferseti0 / Ankh Ascendant ) DATE: 2-4-11 FANDOM: Yu-Gi-Oh DISCLAIMER: I don’t own YGO, or make any money from it. PAIRINGS: Evil!Atem/Seth TYPE: angst, dark RATING: NC-17 WARNINGS: incest, lime-ish, torture and near-snuff OCs: none BETA: none WORDS: 4953 SUMMARY: Seth’s life as a slave begins, […] […]

Three Days of Blood 4/4

Three Days of Blood The Fourth Day – Jinsei A vast land of skeletons stretched out into the darkness, hills of bone that rose up toward nothingness. Aoshi blinked once, wondering if he were dreaming, and looked slowly down. Beneath his foot, a skull turned, then came dislodged and rattled away down the hill, disappearing […] […]

Three Days Of Blood 3/4

Three Days of Blood The Third Day – Zan Perhaps the sound of quiet footsteps had subconsciously alerted him, but it was the pungent smell of sake and cigarette smoke that drew Aoshi from his light sleep. His eyes snapped open and he started pushing himself up with his twinging shoulder before he was even […] […]

Three Days of Blood 2/4

Three Days of Blood The Second Day – Soku Darkness sat still as death over Kyoto, so deep it seemed it might never be lifted, and the Wolf of Mibu hunted. Sheep on the streets and in their homes, reeking of sin, crying out to be slain, put out of their misery… He passed them […] […]