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Series are multiple stories that go together; the order they are listed in on the tables of contents and directory pages are their chronological orders within the universe, not the order they were written or posted in. A tilde (~) denotes an original fiction series, while an abbreviation such as HP denotes a fanfiction series.

Original Character: Lashacrimos

This is the main character for my 2010 NaNoWriMo project. It is an unnamed story of a wizard on a foreign world, with heavy influences from Vampire Hunter D and Lythande, I admit. However, it is sci-fi masquerading as fantasy, as the ‘magic’ comes from nanobots and the foreign world was long ago settled by humans from Earth, before the cataclysm that reverted the population to the fantastic dark ages.

The main character is Lashacrimos Aeonarada Detrititus, a 500 year old Magus who crosses the world, helping those who can pay him in secrets…

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character profile template by deviantART Kaishos: http://kaishos.deviantart.com/art/character-profile-template-123273743

Character Description

General Information

Name: Lashacrimos Aeonarada Detrititus
Age: No one knows, but he looks about 20. (He is actually almost 500.)
Race: Human.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay, but it rarely comes up.
Current residence: The Road.
Relationship status: Nonexistent.
Social status: Apart. He is a Magus, and they see themselves as above and apart from the ignorant masses. They are the benevolent protectors of the children humans have become. Most humans agree with them.

Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): Faint and unidentifiable.
Language spoken: The Common (English-based) tongue of the world.
Other languages known: A smattering of Ancient (real English) and some of most dialects spoken.
Style of speaking: Almost monotonous. Little inflection, but otherwise normal.
Volume of voice: Quiet. It tends to grab attention though.

Physical Appearance

Weight: 220 lbs (because of nanites)
Eye colour: Black
Skin colour: Lightly tanned
Shape of face: Gently angular, nicely defined
Build of body: Slim
Hair colour: Midnight black
Hair style: Long, to waist, braided. with loose, long bangs.
Complexion: Flawless skin, naturally uniform and pale.
Posture: Unconsciously good
Decorations: Left ear is pierced, and he wears a black stud in it. He has a red tattoo of wings on his shoulder blades, one bat and one feathered.
Typical clothing: Usually a black, heavy tunic with no sleeves, but with a high collar. His pants are likewise black, and go over the top of tough black boots. He wears a cloak or long coat of – surprise – black. Any accents tend to be indigo. He also wears a black metal collar-necklace with an eight-pointed star of blue-white sapphire in it, representing the spark in their sanctum.
Distinguishing features:

  • He never removes the black metal collar-necklace. It disguises old Vampire bite scars.
  • He is always hot to the touch.
  • He moves with grace that belies his weight. The strength and weight behind him surprise people.
  • He has little to no body hair, including underarms, and does not have to shave any facial hair.

Is seen by others as: Cold but gorgeous. Unapproachable, looks like he might be arrogant. He tends to part crowds.


Likes: Vampires (in general, not always in specific), sunlight, knowledge, secrets, ruins, magic, innocence, children, solitude, intelligent conversation
Dislikes: Darkness (it makes him physically ill if he is in the dark for 30 hours, and puts him in a coma after 5 days). Overcast weather (clouds blocking the sun have the same effect as darkness, it just takes longer). Deep water – he is heavy and not buoyant. Girls falling in love with his looks, and trying to make him love them. Being interrupted or irritated or forced to be social.
Education: Little education in his childhood, but a desire for it was why he sought the Magi in the first place. He spent years learning from the other Magi and developing powers before he was one of them and went out on his own. He spent decades learning blood magic from a vampire. He learns everything he can from ruins and from people on the road.
Fears: Nothing in particular. He’s lived long enough to not fear losing his life and he’s powerful enough to not fear anything else.
Personal goals: To master his magic and learn as much as possible about as much as possible.
General attitude: Cool and distant. He is usually suitably polite, but can be snarky. He is not friendly, though, and cares little for most everybody. He is honest, sometimes very diplomatic and sometimes tactless. If he thinks a question isn’t worth answering, he won’t. Generally he’s unreadable. He will sacrifice a lot for the purposes of knowledge or magic, including experiments which involve mutilating himself or, possibly, others. The best word is “detached”.
Religious values: Nonexistent. Most Magi are agnostics or atheists who see themselves as the closest thing to a god around, and religion as a symptom of people’s immaturity. He is among those. He looks on religion with indulgence but does not take it seriously.
General intelligence: 1-10: 8.5. He is smart and experienced. His problem solving skills are above average.
General sociability: Scale of 1-10: 2. He prefers to be alone.


Illnesses (if any): None.
Allergies (if any): Darkness.
Sleeping habits: Usually sleeps well and for most of the night.
Energy level: Contained, but inwardly variable – peaks in the evening, lowest before dawn.
Eating habits: Usually cats several times a day, bread-heavy meals. Very large meal when he wakes up.
Memory: Good, and long, but he’s not nostalgic.
Any unhealthy habits: Indulgence in alcohol and high-calorie diet.


Birth country: [I haven’t made up much geography for this world…] Some where in the north, a populous but hardly advanced city in the shadow of some standing ruins.
Childhood: He lived on the outskirts of an anarchic city-state with his parents, an aunt, and a younger brother. His parents and aunt were all mercenaries and he and his brother were trained to fight as a family activity. He was more curious about the world around him than was really necessary. Had a habit of spying and eavesdropping.
Teen years: He never grew out of curiosity. He liked the idea of being a mercenary because of the new places he could go and things he could learn. He guarded merchants and travelers with his family or solo, and liked to talk with them whenever they would. A large, organized pack of werewolves moved south from the mountains and threatened the city; as this was a Humans-only settlement there was little they could do, and his father arranged a deal with a Vampire. The Vampire defeated the werewolves and took blood or life from almost everyone in the city. His parents were killed by the infection, his aunt was taken alive, and his brother survived but was turned. Lashacrimos was ignored; his blood didn’t interest the Vampire. The city decimated, Lashacrimos left.
Adult years: He was basically purposeless but spent time learning and traveling steadily southward; he came to kow about the Order of the Magi and his interested was piqued. Through perseverence bordering on obsession, he found and fought his way into the Order; he studied there for many years, before he finally went on his way again, going back to his old habits. He met the Vampire Rainewaithe on his explorations and learned from him for many years before moving on again. The Vampire scars he’s hiding come from Rainewaithe.
Past places of residence: He’s traveled over most of the world’s two main continents and some smaller, equatorial landmasses. The only places he’s made a home, though, are his childhood home and the Magus Sanctum.
History of family: His family have a tradition of mercenarism. Most of his identifiable ancestors were warriors of one form or another, employed as bodyguards for hire. There is nothing of note in their history.
Briefly explain life story: …see above.


Family: None still living.
Any enemies (and why): The families of people he couldn’t or wouldn’t save. Other Magi in competition with him for secrets or who disapprove of his association with Vampires (the Order of the Magi is not always internally harmonious).
Friends: A vampire named Rainewaithe, blood magic master. Eltanin, his cat.
Best friend(s): Eltanin. He acts as his familiar, and is his constant companion. He is a demicat (similar to a housecat mixed with an opossum, but with two prehensile tails, fingers on his front Paws, and human intelligence). Eltanin is telepathic and can, with enough energy, assume a half-human form for brief periods.
Important friends/relatives (explain): Rainewaithe is a partner, teacher, and former lover. Eltanin is his familiar. Andos is a magical being and the head of the Magi (and Lashacrimos’ “boss”).
Love interest (if there is one): There isn’t. Not that Baggage Girl doesn’t wish otherwise.


Power level: 9 on a scale of 1-10. He is more powerful than most Vampires and most other Magi, but would not take on the Wise Ones.
Magics known: star magic, blood magic
Specific powers:
Blood Magic

  • The tattooed wings on his back can become real wings of blood for a short period (around a minute, or until his power gives out)
  • He can use his blood as an acid to eat away all but the densest materials, a solid projectile to penetrate the same, or an explosive. He uses it to create solid weapons.
  • By mixing his blood with another’s, he can control the foreign blood in the same manner, albeit weaker at first.

Star magic

  • Quick healing – near instant in sunlight. Can go days longer without food or water than a normal person. Can go without sleep for over a week.
  • Breathe underwater for up to 30 mins
  • Phenomenal balance and reaction time.
  • Wall-crawling. Limited ceiling walking.
  • Telescopic and infrared vision on command.
  • Suggestion, a sort of hypnosis enabled by physical contact. (Vampires are also capable of this but are more known for Commanding bite victims; Lashacrimos is not that much a student of Vampire magic.)
  • A purely offensive attack of coherent light that can cut through solid objects (and people). Must be in or just out of the sunlight.
  • Bursts of near-sonic speed. Sustained running speed of 25 mph
    • Super speed for a single second. Must be in direct sunlight or it’s a last-ditch attack
  • Consistently can lift 300 pounds easily; bursts of up to 1,500. Same conditions as above.
  • Interface with computers in ruins, dead to world while doing so.
  • In a bind, can absorb energy from outside sources. Specifically electronic, but also people.


  • Susceptible to electric shock.
  • Physically and magically worn out by darkness, huge magical exertion, and malnourishment.
  • Darkness/lack of sunlight (as above)
  • Water; can’t swim and will drown after the water breathing power runs out.

Morality of using powers: He tends to use as little power as necessary and doesn’t exert himself needlessly. He is not demonstrative with them. He can and does kill with them, though usually in defense of someone.


Occupation: Magus for hire. Looking for trouble.
Current home: He’s a wanderer (that he is).
Favourite types of food: Bread and pasta – high carbs. He usually eats a lot of bread as he travels. He can eat a lot without gaining weight.
Favourite types of drink: Alcoholic. He’s a sucker for wine, especially, and being drunk seems to heighten his powers. Much to the chagrin of barkeepers. Usually he doesn’t drink in company. (He’s not a violent drunk, just very serious and a little reactionary.)
Hobbies/past times: His most common past time is simply practicing his magic. Every technique needs a lot of practice to even perform, let alone master.
Guilty pleasures: Snarking; he shouldn’t, but sometimes he just has to be biting and incisive.
Pet peeves: People who think they know more than he does. People trying to make him socialize. Ignorance.
Pets: See “best friend”
Talents: Making girls swoon, making people confess to him. Weaponmastery (he can use almost any weapon yet devised by man, and learns new weapons easily; he carries an ornate silver knife but usually makes his weapons from his blood).
Favourite colours: Black, purple, blue, and grey.
Favourite type of music: Music isn’t very important to him.

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