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Series are multiple stories that go together; the order they are listed in on the tables of contents and directory pages are their chronological orders within the universe, not the order they were written or posted in. A tilde (~) denotes an original fiction series, while an abbreviation such as HP denotes a fanfiction series.

Inuyasha Fanfiction: Hunger

TITLE: Hunger
CHAPTER: 1 – Oneshot
AUTHOR: Lythande ( setosgirl0 / neferseti0 / Ankh Ascendant )
DATE: 5-17-11
FANDOM: Inuyasha
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Inuyasha, or make any money from it.
TYPE: drama
OCs: none
BETA: none
WORDS: 932
SUMMARY: Naraku is trying to absorb Sesshoumaru because surely with that addition he, too, will have perfect, pure youkai power…
NOTES: Set at the first point Naraku actually moves against Sesshoumaru, after he kidnapped Rin and when he tries to absorb him. http://fancy-random.lythande.com/archives/77 – Writing prompt of “greed”.

* * *


Perfect youkai power…

Hungry red eyes watched the fallen pieces of flesh squirm over the ground. Watched the arrogance of his prey that didn’t even bother to step on them, sparing no attention for his doom.

More thick tentacles dodged through the air, feigning evasion only to be destroyed before they even came close, just as they were intended to be. Their bodies rained down to join the squirming pieces on the ground and cling to the delicate living flesh of his prey.

He had been born of a hundred weak monsters and a single pathetic human. His demonic half had an instinctive hunger for that power, a deep-seated covetousness for the power none of his components could ever have attained in a hundred years of their natural lives. Even now, pitifully half human as he was, no matter how many youkai he consumed that sort of pure, perfect power would still, forever be denied him…

Unless he took it.

“Such arrogance, Sesshoumaru,” he murmured as the squirming fleshlings began to stir with purpose. “You haven’t even noticed…”

His prey refused to show surprise, but he knew it was there beneath the icy facade. Finally his fate occurred to him, but too late; he tried to jump away, but he was already wrapped in reforming tentacles, and more of them bound him in the air and pulled him back to the earth.

A quivering mound of dark tentacle-flesh sat on the ground before him. Any sign of Sesshoumaru had been erased… as soon the dog himself would be. He had not yet been killed, but whether he was living or dead when he was absorbed was not important… Only that perfect power, and that it would belong to him. Become a part of him. He would possess not only that power that his inner self yearned for, but he would incorporate it, surpass it, and prove that it had never been worth coveting…

The power of another like the dog would become to him as those fleshlings to Sesshoumaru… beneath his notice.

“I am going to devour you,” he murmured, and with the part of his awareness that traveled into the coccoon of flesh to watch, he could see that Sesshoumaru heard him. The dog was avoiding being crushed to death, and his massive fur seemed to be giving him room to breathe, but he was immobilized. For some reason his single hand was gripping not the powerful Tokijin, but the sword he never used.

The dog declined to reply, but he did not mind. Denial or not, he would see him consumed. “Your power will become mine,” he said to his captive audience. Sesshoumaru stirred, but the flesh prison did not. “Your death will not be entirely in vain… Although you will not save that little girl, you may rest with the knowledge that you helped to make me invincible.” A faint smile crossed his hidden face at the thought.

Now, finally, Sesshoumaru deigned to answer. “Foolish hanyou,” he said simply, and if his voice was quiet it was still strong.

He chuckle. “You are in no position to judge me, Sesshoumaru…”

“You cannot contain me.”

His eyes narrowed, though the impertinent dog could not see it. “I have you already. Do not lie to yourself; you won’t escape. You are going to be consumed, slowly and alive if necessary, and that perfect youkai power will be mine.”

“You delude yourself. You will never have power as mine.” He seemed to shift and grip his sword again, ignoring the bonds of flesh that were tightening around him, beginning to seek a way through his defenses and into him. Soon they would pierce whatever shield he had over start to dissolve him, for easier digestion. He did not seem to notice or care. “Even if you were to absorb me, your own weakness would taint my power. No matter how many you consume, you will always be pathetic, Naraku.”

A surge of anger rose up in him, and he crushed it as mercilessly as he would crush the dog… He was only trying to draw out the inevitable. There was no truth in his barking; it was a weak attempt at protecting that power. Of no consequence, just like Sesshoumaru – beneath his notice.

“Die, Sesshoumaru,” he said calmly, and tightened the cocoon to crush and pierce him, to punish him for his arrogance and prove him wrong. This was the end of him.

A disruption in his shield. His attention shifted from the doomed dog ‘lord’ to the other hanyou, the intruder. An inconvenience, really. Kagura was such a failure…

“Naraku!” Inuyasha wasted no time on conversation, but attacked him. The wind itself tore and came for him; tentacles intercepted, but it also ran across Sesshoumaru’s fleshy prison.

How disgustingly lucky.

Sesshoumaru straightened as the tattered flesh fell away and his brother stared, obviously startled to see him there. The elder dog ignored him, seeking his former captor’s face. *You cannot hold me,” he said again, lifting Tokijin once more, insufferably complacent.

“Perhaps,” he allowed without the slightest trace of belief as he began to flood the courtyard with his miasma. “But I am still capable of killing one little girl.”

He saw a faint expression of anger flit over Sesshoumaru’s face as he faded away, and he relished it.

Maybe the time was not now, but he would have him. That perfect power would be his…

And he would hold it. Whatever Sesshoumaru said, this weakness could be overcome, and he would take his power to do it with.


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