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Series are multiple stories that go together; the order they are listed in on the tables of contents and directory pages are their chronological orders within the universe, not the order they were written or posted in. A tilde (~) denotes an original fiction series, while an abbreviation such as HP denotes a fanfiction series.

About Lythande

Lythande is the author of these stories and the maintainer of this archive, which was at one point stupidly titled “Lythandeland” (the new title is much better and more permanent).

Lythande will unfortunately always be tied to the screenname, online alias, and author’s handle of “setosgirl0″, even though it sounds like something a fifteen-year-old thought up when deciding on an e-mail account. (It most likely sounds this way because that is exactly where it came from.) She has tried to reinvent herself periodically as “neferseti0″, “Ankh Ascendant”, “Lythande”, and “Splendidissimus”, but setosgirl0 just won’t go away. It’s really unfortunate.

Lythande can be found on various other websites. All of the stories on them are being brought here, but it can be a slow process…

Adult Fanfiction.net -Adult stories from the time of teenagerhood onward. Some of them are very very bad.

Fanfiction.net -Beware of old crap. Seriously. Newer non-adult stories also go here, however.

deviantART – I am an average artist.

Zazzle – because, hey, why not buy a ‘guro’ pin or something?

Lythande is a twenty-something female who lives in the United States and discourages herself from actually accomplishing anything, or even starting anything that seems like it will be good. This is why almost everything here are one-shots or even flash-fiction. Plot is not her friend, yet neither is PwP. She is a little obsessed with keeping things in character and has been known to write some highly inappropriate pairings and fetishes.

Her hobbies include speaking in third person and working in a dead-end retail job.

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